The Adult Teeth Recording Company interview saga

Hello there! This page has links to the full interview with Lewis Young of The Adult Teeth Recording Company, plus related articles. If you’re new here, The Adult Teeth Recording Company is an independent record label based in Hull – they’re also putting out a lot of my favourite music right now. Check out the free label sampler just below here, and the articles are just below that.


These aren’t part of the interview, but they give a little background so I’m including them here.

Adult Teeth Showcase – La Bête Blooms, Foolish Atoms, My Pleasure @ The Adelphi, Hull
This gig took place the same night as the interview. It still sticks in my head as one of the most fun shows I’ve ever seen. I only wish I hadn’t been so sleepy.

Life after Hull, based on true events
Most of this really happened, apart from the stuff that didn’t. Mostly the stuff about the magic crab didn’t happen.

Main course

This is the full interview.

Part one
In part one, Lewis discusses running an independent record label and tells the story of how he got into performing music.

Part two
In part two, we talk about La Bête Blooms, My Pleasure and being on the radio in strange places and at strange times.

Part three
In part three, we talk a bit about The Glass Delusion‘s collaboration with poet Matthew Hedley Stoppard, Adult Teeth Tees and what 2015 has in store.


Deleted scenes, and an ending to the magic crab story.

This was cut from the main interview because it’s a little bit relevant and then it isn’t any more. It’s sort of about music and it’s sort of about Tesco.

It was the heat of the moment.
This doesn’t really have anything to do with the interview itself, but it’s an ending to the magic crab story.

If you made it all the way down here (and through all 6,243 words), thanks for reading!


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