The Easter Bunny Is Dead, #3: a look forward, a look back, a look sideways

easter bunny is dead 2

Hey, so it’s February tomorrow. Here’s a set of songs that I’ve sort of remembered I loved or discovered in the last couple of months.

There’s a lot of Lou Reed, but that’s because he’s still gone and I miss him. Also, I saw a review that said Set The Twilight Reeling was ‘a lesser work’. Fuck youman. Your brain is a lesser work, you prick.



The Easter Bunny Is Dead, #2: Covers

easter bunny is dead 2

We’ve got a bit more of theme this time. Aren’t themes fun? They make parks about it.

This one’s all about covers. A lot of the songs are pretty well known but most of these versions aren’t. I haven’t done this for obscurity’s sake, you understand, I just really like them. They all add a little something. I really dig it. You might too.

The Easter Bunny Is Dead, #1

easter bunny is dead 2

Here are ten songs I like a lot. You might like them too.