Adult Teeth Showcase – La Bête Blooms, Foolish Atoms, My Pleasure @ The Adelphi, Hull

The Adult Teeth Recording Company is a pretty radical record label, in both senses of the word. Not Just Another Indie Record Label, Adult Teeth has released an impressive range of music for being only two years old – so far having covered spoken word, ambient field recordings and experimental/instrumental music. All this with a healthy lashing of rock ‘n’ roll. Mmm. Tasty.

It was the promise of excitement that lead me on an indie pilgrimage to Hull on a Thursday night.

Not to mention the cheap bingo.

I had a bit of burnt hotel pizza as I waited for my taxi, which was driven by a very nice man who almost killed us both a few times when he mimed playing the guitar as he told me all about his favourite Pink Floyd track. Fucking brilliant. That’s how I want to die.

The Adelphi is rock music history, and probably one of the few small venues to survive the waves of gentrification which have lapped our cultural shores since some bastard invented Milton Keynes. It’s great. It’s really great.

Look, it’s a bit of an old bus!

The back room of the Adelphi is something you should see at least once in your life. The front room is too. Go to the Adelphi.

I was able to peer through the telescope and watch the bands setting up, like I was Jimmy Stewart in a Pixies shirt. Ten out of goddamn ten.

I found myself at a teeny weenie table in front of the stage for My Pleasure.

My new favourite place in the whole world. Just look at it.

My Pleasure is rock that wears a tie but is aware of it as a sort of silky noose.

They (or he) is really very good, with lyrics which are smart and sometimes funny without being obnoxiously so. There was even a reference to one of my favourite movies of all time, Falling Down (starring Michael Douglas before he melted).

All this makes for a very endearing package, and dude has the tunes to back it up too. For an artist who has only released three singles to date, goddamn.

It should be noted that My Pleasure is Lewis Young, who is not just a member of one of the other Adult Teeth bands (The Glass Delusion, also rad) but runs the label too. Sort of makes you feel bad for not getting out of bed on Saturday, doesn’t it?

I’m pretty excited to see what’s next from My Pleasure. It rocks, it pops, it’s great.

Seriously. Look at the goddamn Adelphi.

Foolish Atoms were next. It was meant to be a full band show but the bass player was sick, so two guitars was what we got. They were pretty damn amazing anyway.

I have to confess that I’m not very familiar with their two albums yet, but I would still recommend them pretty highly. You can get both albums in a special high-value package!

Foolish Atoms have a sort of ragged folky thing going on, kind of like that third Velvet Underground album. Crucially, they don’t sound like fucking Mumford & pricking Sons. A major plus in my book.

They have a really special sound. You’ve gotta listen to them.

La Bête Dudes.

I’ve spoken a fair bit about La Bête Blooms before. I like them so much I even learned the code for the ê (alt+136).

Man, they’re just great. They make a bunch of loud and beautiful noise. The fucking drums, the goddamn bass, the bastarding guitars, the bloody vocals. They’re also just really, really awesome live.

‘ello, ‘ello, wot’s all this then.

Daniel is a great frontman. Sometimes he’ll hop off stage and go for a walk, sometimes he’ll have a lie down, sometimes you wonder if he’s ever gonna come back. Dude’s not all intensity though, and the band can often be seen laughing and smiling on stage. Both of these things are unbelievably refreshing and definitely reflect the passion they have for the music they’re making. Absolutely brilliant.

“What happened here, papa?” “Rock ‘n’ roll happened, son.”

I’ve spent a lot of time travelling this year, and I’m so happy to end 2014’s travels in a great city like Hull with three great artists in one of the best venues I’ve ever been to.

I’ll be back.

Adult Teeth have a free sampler available which includes tracks by the bands who played and some of their other artists too, you can find it here. Did I mention it’s free?

You can also find Adult Teeth on Facebook, Twitter and their website.

My Pleasure on Facebook and Twitter.

Foolish Atoms on Facebook.

La Bête Blooms on Facebook and Twitter.

The New Adelphi Club on Facebook, Twitter and their website.


The Easter Bunny Is Dead, #2: Covers

easter bunny is dead 2

We’ve got a bit more of theme this time. Aren’t themes fun? They make parks about it.

This one’s all about covers. A lot of the songs are pretty well known but most of these versions aren’t. I haven’t done this for obscurity’s sake, you understand, I just really like them. They all add a little something. I really dig it. You might too.

Joy Division and magnets

I didn’t think that having an MRI would change my life, but it did. I found something inside that tube. Something special.

Going for a scan is a bit like being printed out. Printing is noisy business, and this is no different. It turns out that electric magnets make a lot of noise.

And it sounds like Joy Division.

I’ve never really been a huge fan of Joy Division. I liked them enough, but, like, y’know, whatever, y’know?

I had recently realised that my cassette player works. I spent a great weekend with a migraine listening to The Best of Morrissey, but I needed more. You can always trust the Mancunians to churn out some good misery music – it’s because it rains all the time, you see. Also, when you go to stay in a hotel in Manchester the term “en-suite” means that the toilet is in the room.

But at least you can watch telly from the shower.

So I put on my Joy Division tape. It was kind of great. Not all the way great, but kind of great. I especially enjoyed the earlier singles. Most people don’t know them. Ahem.

It was nice, but it was enough. Then I went into the tube.

The magnets changed me, man.

Fun fact: tapes are made out of magnets.

Now I’m sitting at home on a Saturday night in a suit, drinking mail-order coffee and listening to Closer. It’s just the way I wanted my life to turn out when I was 16.

It’s hard not to hear death in Joy Division. Ian Curtis always sang like he was already dead and by the time Closer came out, he was. It’s easy to think about what could have been, but in some ways this does a disservice to what was. Strip away the strange cloud of mourning that hangs over Joy Division and you’ve got a pretty great band under it all.

What I’m saying is: appreciate the dude and his talent, don’t romanticise his illness.

Oh yes, Closer. What a great record, and proof that even if when you start none of you can play your instruments and you’ve got no money, in four years you might just go on to define your genre. Fuck the Sex Pistols, this is the real punk.

MARF - WIN_20141108_235348 (2)
I am really enjoying listening to Joy Division. (Bargain!)