The Easter Bunny Is Dead, #1

easter bunny is dead 2

Here are ten songs I like a lot. You might like them too.


La Petite Mort, La Bête Blooms, Psycle @ The Basement, York

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A first class show demands a first class arrival. That’s how I found myself stuffing complimentary biscuits in my pockets. I’m not designed for luxury. I don’t know what to do with it, apart from steal from it.

There really was a person just for serving the milk. They even gave me macaroni. Just gotta tell myself that I’m worth it.'ll do.
…it’ll do.

I’ve got a lot of pictures. Bear with me.

I was pretty excited about this show. I was good and did my research beforehand, so I knew I was getting into some pretty cool stuff.

Psycle were up first. I forgot to take a picture of them. Sorry, Psycle. Here’s one of their songs instead:

They’re a pretty amazing band. They take all the best bits of British and German psychedelic/experimental rock and stick it all together. Not a lot of singing, but a lot of great playing and sometimes some flute. Can you believe I hadn’t ever seen a drum solo before I saw Psycle?

I love ’em. They make the kind of music I could listen to for hours and hours.


That’s La Bête fuckin’ Blooms up there.

Yeah, they were amazing. Their totally excellent debut EP was played in full, with a couple of new tracks and classic-to-be Sigh Away in there too. This was their first proper tour, hopefully they’ll be back out soon. You should catch them if you ever get the chance. You won’t regret it.

If you do regret it, I’ll kick you. Then you’ll regret regretting it. That’ll learn ya.


That there is La Petite Mort. They’re pretty damn cool. They have a saxophone player. It totally works.

They sort of rolled on stage, casual as anything, with Pink Floyd’s Echoes playing over the PA. They were setting up, then they were playing along. That was how it all started. It was very classy.

First class, in fact.

See, I can tie this all together.

They’ve got a great sound, sort of like the first (best) Smashing Pumpkins album, with some lovely reggae bass for good measure. Did I mention the sax player? Very fucking cool. Billy ain’t got that.

Towards the end a mystery man appeared on stage. He had a harmonica. It all got a bit Peter Green. It was the best thing ever. Thank you, blues stranger. I’m sorry I don’t know your name.

[scene missing]
Daniel and Lousia from La Bête Blooms were kind enough to give me a lift to the train station afterwards, where I met a nice man called Seyit who owns a catering supplies business in Sheffield and this angsty pigeon.

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It seems a crime to pay only £3 for such a great night of music, so you should check these bands out and give them your £££$$$££$£.

La Petite Mort on Facebook, Twitter and here’s their website.

La Bête Blooms on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Psycle on Facebook and Soundcloud.

La Bête Blooms by La Bête Blooms

I first heard La Bête Blooms when I was procrastinating in Aberdeen, sometime in late March. I bought their tape (you can still buy it) and I knew I was hearing something pretty special. They kept releasing great songs for free as I kept looking for ways to give them my money. It’s been an agonising wait, but La Bête Blooms’ debut EP is here, and it’s amazing.

I pinched this from their Facebook page. Soz.
I pinched this from their Facebook page. Soz.

TV Speak was a song I heard a while back, when the dudes did a session for BBC Introducing Humberside. I liked it. I heard it at work. It made me think of bats. My friend said it was ‘heavy’. I suppose it is.

And hold on a goddamn minute, because the video is just the greatest. I probably watched it ten times when it came out. It’s just perfect – great animation, great song and the band get eaten by sea monsters at the end. More videos should end this way. Life should end this way.

Everyday’s The Same is another song I was familiar with, this time because of this super-cool acoustic video filmed next to a bunch of shirts. It works very, very nicely with a full band – as do previous tracks like Sigh Away and Wishing I Could Kill. There aren’t any acoustic videos in clothing shops for those songs, you’ll just have to buy the tape. Go on. It’s £3.

Stay Away rocks to fuck. In some ways it sounds like a much faster version of the previous song, but in a strange sort of way that isn’t at all derivative, annoying or boring. It gets a little Mudhoney somewhere in the middle. It’s great.

This was really the crowd looked like. Apart from not a cartoon.
Can’t wait to see it live. This is less a comment on the song and more a document of the way I really dance.

All For You is the other kind of heavy. It’s murky like Humber sludge, I can’t write a lot about it. It’s kind of magic and stays away from distasteful guitar solos like so many similar songs do. I’m looking at you, Pink Floyd.

La Bête Blooms have consistently released some of the best music I’ve heard in 2014 – which has been a really crazy year for great British independent music – and I’m so pleased to have a little more of it. Check them out, it’ll be good for you.

La Bête Blooms can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Soundcloud (and you can download a lot of the songs for free).

The Adult Teeth Recording Company put out this EP and a bunch of other fine music besides. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and their website.

You can buy La Bête Blooms’ EP through the Adult Teeth Bandcamp page. On the same page, you can find a smashing compilation – featuring La Bête Blooms and other Adult Teeth artists – which is available as a free download or a very cheap CD.