Review: Bagboy by Pixies (2013)







Pixies released their new song today. It’s very different. It’s very Pixies.

It’s not just “here’s wot we would have done in 1992 instead of breaking up”, it’s “we are the Pixies but we have had 21 years of life and musical experience since we last tried to write an album, so let’s just do whatever.”

No, it doesn’t sound like Doolittle, but it does sound like the Pixies.

Black Francis is yelping, Joey Santiago’s guitar squeals and screams like he’s trying to murder it and Dave Lovering plays like he fuckin’ hates drums. Kim Deal is missing, but she has been replaced on this song by a dude called Jeremy Dubs who apparently sings just like her.

Every ingredient is in there, but it’s new and it’s different and it’s very exciting.

Do I love it? Not yet, I’ve only heard it four times. I think I will though. You might too.











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